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The Clapp Family of Devon and Newfoundland

The Clapp Family of Devon and Newfoundland

Gilbert Clapp Jr of St John's Will dated 14th May 1888 made in Teignmouth Devon
Gilbert married Mary Shea on 18th December 1847 in St John's they had seven children

Jessie Clapp b: 1843 in St Johns Newfoundland in the 1861 census she is living with John Squarey Clapp at 15 Teign Street, West Teignmouth she is listed as John Squarey Clapps Niece. She married Charles Edward Hocken b:1843 on 17th January 1867 bride was the daughter of Gilbert Clapp of St Johns. In the 1871 census Charles and Jessie are living in Limes, Wood Green, Middlesex. Charles occupation is Doctor, they have three children Emma F b:1869 Exeter, Georgina b:1868 Exeter, Chas A b:1870 Exeter.

Mary Bulley Clapp b: 13th March 1853 in St Johns Newfoundland. In the 1881 census Mary B Clapp occupation is Gentlewoman living at West Teignmouth. She is also listed in the 1871 census as living with John Squarey Clapp relationship Niece in Teign Street Teignmouth

John Squarey Clapp b: 26th April 1849 in St Johns Newfoundland. John S Clapp Deceased This is the last will & testament of me John S Clapp of St John's in the Island of Newfoundland.
I give devise and bequeath all that I may die possessed of both real and personal estate unto my brothers Robert Clapp and William M Clapp equally for and during their lives and upon the death of the survivor I devise and bequeath my said estate to my nephews Ray M Clapp and Cyril W Clapp to be divided equally between them and I appoint Robert Clapp and William M Clapp Executors of my last will and testament. I revoke all former wills by me made.
Dated at St John's this 16th day of November A.D. 1914

CORRECT, William F. Lloyde Registrar of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland (Listed in the margin next to this will the following) Fiat 18/23 Horwood CJ Probate granted to William M. Clapp Oct 19/23 Estate sworn at $9210.00.

Gilbert Thomas Clapp b: 7th March 1851 in St Johns Newfoundland. I Found a death in Ontario, Canada, Deaths 1869-1938 for Gilbert Thomas Clapp d:7th January 1880, occupation Law Clerk, born Newfoundland, died of Pneumonia on 1st January 1880 death place York, Ontario, Canada.

Robert Clapp b: 1st September 1852 in St Johns Newfoundland. Robert is listed in Canada Seafarers occupation Merchant Vessel Brigarns he has 21% share

William M Clapp b:1861 in St John's Newfoundland married Ida Frederica Carter on 25th September 1901.Ida b:1875 Ferryland Newfoundland, d:1935 St John's, this information was taken from an ancestry family tree.

Margaret Clapp b: 1865 in Newfoundland.

Mary Bulley Clapp, John, Gilbert Thomas, and Robert were all christened on the 22nd February 1853 in Newfoundland.

Gilbert Clapp and others listed in the following Newfoundland Directories:

Newfoundland Directory 1871 Gilbert Clapp.

McAlpine's Directory for St Johns 1870/71 Gilbert Clapp 72 Cochrane

Lovell's Directory St John's 1871 Gilbert Clapp Merchant 70 Cochrane

Sharp's Directory 1885/86 St John's Gilbert Clapp 72 Cochrane

Might & Co's Directory of St John's 1890 Gilbert, John s, William M 72 Cochrane

McAlpine Directory St John's 1894 Gilbert, John, William M. Clapp Cochrane

Devione & Omaras Directory St John's 1897 Gilbert, John, William Clapp 60 Cochrane

McAlpine's Directory 1898 Gilbert, John, W.M. Clapp 60 Cochrane

McAlpine Directory St John's 1904 William M. Clapp (MHA) Barrister, & Solicitor Law Chambers Duckworth in Circular Road

McAlpine's St John's City Directory 1908 Wm, M. Clapp

McAlpine's Directory St John's 1908 John Clapp

Family Traditions: Gilbert Clapp whose family originated from Devon England and settled in St John's changed the family name to Mainwaring by deed poll.

Mary Frances Bulley Clapp Sister of Gilbert Clapp of Newfoundland

In the 1851 census Mary Frances Bully Clapp b:1800 St Nicholas was living at Shaldon Green St Nicholas with the following: Maria Ceclia Clapp b:1803 relationship sister to head of household, John Squary Clapp b:1805 St Nicholas brother to head of household, Caroline Clapp b:1810 sister to head of household.

The will of Mary Frances Bulley Clapp late of Shaldon in the parish of St Nicholas in the County of Devon Spinster deceased who died 17th May 1886 at Shaldon was proved at Exeter by oath of John Squarey Clapp of West Teignmouth in the County aforesaid Gentleman the brother the sole Executor

Effects under £2,0000.

John Squarey Clapp Brother of Gilbert Clapp of Newfoundland b:1805 West Teignmouth d:1880 West Teignmouth.

In the 1851 census John Squarey Clapp is living with his sister Mary Francis Bulley Clapp, also living in the same house is Maria Cecilla Clapp, and Caroline Clapp, they are living at Shaldon Green, St Nicholas. John's occupation is Ship Owner, Mary Frances Bulley Clapp, Maria Cecilla Clapp and Caroline Clapp's occupation is Fund Holder.

In 1871 census John Squarey Clapp b:1805 was living at Teign Street, West Teignmouth, with his Niece Mary Bulley Clapp.

The Will of John Squary Clapp late of Teignmouth in the County of Devon Gentleman who died 13th November 1880 at Teignmouth was proved at Exeter by Mary Bulley Clapp of Teignmouth Spinster the Niece the sole Executive. Probate date 3rd December 1880 Estate at death under £3,000.

John Squary Clapp is listed in Canada Seafarers of the Atlantic Provinces 1789-1935 on Brig Hope, occupation Merchant year 1825. Again on Brigatine 1841 he is now the owner.

Other Gilbert Clapp family members

Gilbert Clapp b:1732 West Teignmouth

Gilbert Clapp b:1764

John Clapp b:1805 Shaldon Ship owner living at 15 Teign Street West Teignmouth in the 1861 census

? Clapp Merchant Shaldon taken from Pigot's Directory for Teignmouth 1822

Thomas Clapp Merchant Shaldon 1822 taken from Pigot's Directory for Teignmouth

Gilbert Clapp is listed in the following directories

Pigots Directory 1830 as a Merchant & Ship owner

Robsons Directory 1839 as a Newfoundland Merchant and Ship owner

Shaldon and Ringmore Pigots Directory for 1822, 1830,1839 as Newfoundland Merchant & ship owner

Gilbert Clapps found in St Nicolas Census 1841

Gilbert age 72 in 1841

Gilbert age 30 in 1841


Gilbert Clapp June 1850

Other Clapp members

Gilbert and Amy married 17th September 1723

Birth Gilbert Clapp baptised March 20th 1727 of West Teignmouth to Gilbert and Amy Manwaring

John b: 19th July 1724 to Gilbert and Amy

Gilbert b: 17th March 1755 to Gilbert and Sarah

Gilbert Clapp baptised 17th March 1755 of West Teignmouth parents Oliver and Sarah.

Gilbert Clapp and Ann Manwaring married 17th September 1723

Gilbert Clapp

Gilbert Clapp married Sisley Squarey on 23rd October 1764 they has three children

John Squarey Clapp christened 2nd September 1765 West Teignmouth farther was Gilbert Clapp mother Cicely.

Gilbert Clapp baptised ? July 1769 of West Teignmouth West Teignmouth, b: June 17th 1769.

Thomas Clapp b: 1775 West Teignmouth in the 1851 census occupation for Thomas is listed as Retired Ship owner, living at Old Market Street, West Teignmouth

In the 1841 census

Gilbert Clapp b:1769

Mary wife b:1771

Mary daughter b:1801

Maria daughter b:1803 West Teignmouth. Maria is the head of the family in the 1861 census, her sister Caroline is also living with her, occupation for both is Fund Holder. Address is The Green St Nicholas. They are also living together in the 1881 census at The Green St Nicholas, occupation Income derived from Funded & Landed Property.

Will for Maria Cecilia Clapp Personal Estate £1,870. 17s. 10D

The will of Maria Cecilia Clapp late of Shaldon in the County of Devon spinster who died 5th October 1881 at Shaldon was proved at Exeter by William Clapp of the City Surgeon Brother and the Reverend William John Clapp of Lustleigh and George Tucker Clapp of the City of Exeter Surgeon the Nephews the Executers.

Gilbert son b:1811 Merchant St Nicholas

Caroline daughter B;1812 Shaldon, see census for Maria Cecilla Clapp. In the 1891 census Caroline is living with George T Clapp b:1857 Exeter occupation General Medical Practitioner. she is listed as his Aunt and living off her own means at 14 Southernhay Exeter.


Gilbert Clapp 1793 burial date 13th May 1793 West Teignmouth 4062A/PR/1/1

Gilbert Clapp 1807 burial date 21st August 1807 West Teignmouth 4062A/PR/1/2

Scicilly Squary 1743 9th November 1743 Shaldon and Ringmore.

Death notice taken from the Western Times 22 May 1866

May 17 at Shaldon of Mary Frances Bulley eldest daughter of the late Gilbert Clapp Esq.

Sept 19 at Shaldon, most deeply regretted, Mary, beloved wife of Gilbert Clapp Esq. Age 76

Death notice taken from Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 29 June 1850

June 17, at Shaldon, deeply regretted Gilbert Clapp, Esq, age 81 years

Marriage notice taken from the Western Times 18 Jan 1867

Hockin Clapp Jan 17 at West Teignmouth by Rev Joseph Burch, Charles Edward Hockin, Esq, Mr. of the Limes, Woodgreen near London, only son of late Edwd Octavius Hockin, to Jessie daughter of Gilbert Clapp, Esq, St John's Newfoundland. No cards

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