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Ships sailing between England and Newfoundland that had Keen Connections

Information provided by Terry Sharpe
Ships sailing between England and Newfoundland that had Keen connections.
April 2, 1762 edition

The "Little Robin" Captain Mudge, from Newfoundland, is arrived in Corunna, and their seized.

May 27, 1762 Edition
Arrived at Teignmouth, "Little Robin" Nicholas Mudge, Teignmouth, Newfoundland, for Keen.

April 26,1763 edition.
Little Joseph Captain Keen, Keene, Caine

November 11,1763 edition.
Arrived at Malaga from Newfoundland the vessel Little Joseph, Captain, Keene.

July 3,1764 edition.
Thomas Pittman, Teignmouth: Newfoundland for Keen.

December 7,1764 edition.
Arrived at Falmouth, John Perryman from Newfoundland. Three Friends, Captain PERRYMAN, Teignmouth John Perryman, Teignmouth, Newfoundland for Keen.

November 12,1765 edition.
Arrived at Newfoundland from Bristol the Triton, Captain. Keen.

November 22,1765 edition.
Tryton? Triton Captain Keene.

November 29, 1765 edition
Arrived at Lisbon from Newfoundland ,vessels. Triton, Captain Keene.

December 20,1765
Arrived at Teignmouth from Newfoundland the vessel Samuel, Captain Stonelake, Exon (port of Topsham) Newfoundland for Keene.

See November 11,1763 entry, John Kennedy (RC) fished for Merchant Keene at Greenspond, Bonavista 1754

May 16, 1766 edition.
Arrived at Tenneriffe from Bristol the vessel William Henry, Captain Keene. This vessel was previously captained by Captain Carroll.

July 29, 1766 edition.
Arrived at Lisbon from Carolina the vessel Little Joseph Captain Keene.

August 11,1766 edition.
Arrived at Curcacoa from Madeira the vessel, William Henry, Captain Keene.

Arrived at Newfoundland from Bristol, the vessel, Triton, Captain Keene.

August 1, 1766 edition.

Arrived at Newfoundland from Bristol the vessels, William and Mary, Captain Stooke.( this vessel listed to Keen earlier.)

August 29,1766 edition.
Sailed from Antigua from Curaçao in the Southern Caribean Sea, the vessel , William and Henry, Captain Keen.

August 4,1767 edition.
Arrived at Newfoundland from Teignmouth the vessel Active Captain Casely Exon, sailing port of Topsham) Newfoundland for Keen.

October 30,1767 edition.
Arrived at Newfoundland, the vessel Content, Captain Keen from Bristol. Friendship Captain Stookes from London.

February 26, 1768 edition.
Arrived at Bristol from Madeira the vessel Content , Captain Keen.

March 22,1768 edition.
Sailed from Cork for Bristol, the vessel Eleanor, Captain Keene.

May 10,1768 edition.
Arrived at Cork from Bristol, the vessel,Eleanor, Captain Kean.

July,1,1768 edition.
Sailed for Cork from St. Kitts the vessel Eleanor,Captain Keen.

July 22,1768 edition.
Mary, Captain Bastard sailing port of Topsham, Newfoundland to market for Keen.

June 9,1769 edition.
Sailed from Bristol, the vessel Molly, Captain Keene.

July 11,1769 edition
Sailed from Waterford for Newfoundland the vessel, Molly, Captain Keene.

May, 30,1770 edition.
Arrived at Bristol from Cork the vessel George, Captain Keene.

NL Genweb, Shipping News 1761-1770 Voyages to and From Newfoundland

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