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Traded between Teignmouth and Newfoundland

Captain Trapp traded between Teignmouth and Labrador, he built a cottage at Labrador.

Married 31st Oct 1833 in St John's
John Searly was originally from Teignmouth Devon, Phoeby Marshall is believed to be the daughter of George Marshall and Ann Earle and the Granddaughter of David and Amy Marshall.
Taken from NL Genweb Anglican Cathedral of St John's.

John Seeley St John's age 62 died February 5 1865. Drowned 5 weeks previously, taken up from wrecked vessel which went ashore near Petty Harbour; born Dec 31 1802 East Teignmouth, Devon, son of Edward & Mary; married 1833 to Phoebe Marshall dau of George Marshall & Ann Earle.

Robert Cook St John's age 43 died April 7 1859 married Ann Aylesbury native of Ringmore. He worked for HM Customs.

Edward Gale St John's age 11 died March 21 1861 son of Thomas Gale of Stokeinteignhead Devon. Married providence Skinner of Newfoundland.

Thomas Gale of Lazy Banks age 32 died June 26 1856. Baptized 1856 in Stokeinteignhead Devon. Son of Jonas Gale and  Catherine Byrne married 1847 (per family no record) to providence Skinner. His family later moved to Massachusetts.

Catherine Harvey St John's age 70 died Dec 17 1861. Wife of John he a native of Stokeinteignhead Devon.

Thomas Coyell St Jon's age 73 died Jan 19 1862 resident of Stokeinteignhead Devon. Married 1812 to Elizabeth Morrison. He was bap Jan 13 1790 Stokeinteignhead to William and Elizabeth Coyle.

Louisa Palfrey St John's age 48 died June 10 1858. Daughter of Michael Rowsell of Teignmouth Devon. wife of Captain William Palfrey.

Sarah Langstone  St John's age 39 died Aug 5 1862. Widow of Henry, she of Ringmore Devon.

John Cook South Side, St John's age 66 died May 23 1866. Married 1825 to Hannah Damarell; son of John Cook of Teignmouth, Devon & Mary Chafe of Petty Harbour (mother's maiden name per Jackie Ebsary).

Thomas Westcott St John's age 67 died Nov 8 1863. Died Nov 5 1863 age 69 per headstone, born Teignmouth, Devon. Married Sidney Angel, daughter of John (Samuel) Angel & Jane Jerrard.

William Westcott age 73 died December 15 1867. Married 1825 to Joanna Griffiths; he was a native of Teignmouth, Devon.

Johannah Westcott St John's age 69 died Jun 1 1870. Nee GRIFFITHS, married 1825 to William Westcott of Teignmouth, Devon.

William Westcott St John's age 44 Oct 25 1875. Born 1828, son of William Westcott Sr (of Teignmouth, Devon) & Joanna Griffiths; married 1854 to Sarah Ann Williams.

Richard Cooke St John's age 44 died May 5 1866. Native of Ringmore, Devon. Worked for Stabb & Rowe. Married 1846 to Martha Diana Aylesbury.

William Cooke St John's age 4 months died February 12 1867. William Archibald, son of Henry Cooke of Ringmore, Devon & Susannah Arnott.

Mary Acland St John's age 6 died April 16 1867. daughter of Charles Acland of Teignmouth, Devon & Emma Marshall of St Johns.

Adelaide Ellis St John's age 6 months May 2 1866. Adelaide Jessie Ashford, daughter of Charles Ellis Jr (b Woodbury Devon) & Mary Jane Pinkham (b Teignmouth, Devon).

John M. Land St John's age 73 died Dec 11 1866. Native of Teignmouth, Devon.

Harriet Blackaller St John's age 80 died July 24 1873. Widow of John Blackaller (he bap Jan 10 1799 Stoke in Teignhead, Devon, son of William Blackaller & Anne Lang). May be the Harriet Rebecca Coles who married 1819 St Savoury, Surrey to John Blackaller. Resided 1851 at Torquay Devon; 1861 at Tormoham. Harriet was born at St Marys Church, Devon.

Mary Ann Whitten St John's age 77 Jan 23 1875. bap 1798, dau of John Cook of Teignmouth, Devon & Mary Chafe of Petty Harbour. Married 1816 to George Whitten.

George Whitten St John's age 95 Mar 20 1878. Newspaper have age as 85 but clearly written as 95 in these records. Married 1816 to Mary Ann Cook (died 1875 age 77) dau of John Cook of Teignmouth, Devon & Mary Chafe of Petty Harbour.

William Pinkham St John's age 61 Aug 5 1877. Born Stock in Teignhead, Devon; married 1839 Newton Abbott Devon to Ann Harvey. Tentative son of Thomas Pinkham & Elizabeth Butchers.

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